Terre di Acquabona

Authenticity and ancient values

The ancient Romans believed that in the name of people and things was indicated their own destiny: hence the statement "nomen omen", a Latin phrase that in Italian means "un nome, un destino", "in name and in fact".
Even in TERRE DI ACQUABONA, we find and protect the same precious values inherent in their name.

WATER (ACQUA) is an indispensable resource for our life and our planet. When WATER is GOOD (BONA) , it means that it is healthy, pure and a source of nutrition for our products.
In TERRE DI ACQUABONA flows and pours lifeblood for our plants, from which we collect their precious fruits: Real and healthy wine, sincere and clear oil, wheat pasta with a unique and authentic taste, sauces and condiments with ancient flavors that do not require unnecessary treatments.

All this is TERRE DI ACQUABONA, a place, a name and a destiny that are a guarantee of healthy and good products.


brand registered by EV CAPITAL SRL

Via Lancieri di Novara, 3 - 31100 Treviso (Italy)

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